2018-05-31 12:12Uppdrag

Nextjet to be acquired

The bankruptcy estates of Nextjet AB and Nextjet Sverige AB has entered into a sale agreement with a subsidiary of Olsen Gruppen AS regarding its aviation business. The transfer of the business will take place in the end of this week and Olsen Gruppen AS plans to resume the business during beginning of June. At the initial stage the air traffic between Mariehamn and Stockholm will be prioritized and handled by subcontractors. Subsequently other routes will be reopened.

The buyer is part of a financially strong corporate group with the ability to capitalize the business to the extent necessary for the business. Olsen Gruppen is mainly active within the fishing industry in Norway.

- "We are pleased to have found a buyer for the business and that the Mariehamn-Stockholm traffic can be resumed shortly", says Nextjet’s official receiver in bankruptcy, Lars-Henrik Andersson at Advokatfirman Lindahl.

Information regarding the bankruptcy in Nextjet is published at www.lindahl.se/nextjet

Contact: nextjet@lindahl.se / +46 8 527 70 777

For more information about Advokatfirman Lindahl, visit www.lindahl.se/en

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Madeleine Johansson
Marketing Manager
Madeleine Johansson